Hook up to your computer or laptop. Link the Cintiq towards the computer

Hook up to your computer or laptop. Link the Cintiq towards the computer

Your innovative pen display comes because https://besthookupwebsites.net/ of the Cintiq display stand and a number of accessory components. The item components and add-ons are packed together into the accessories field. For a summary of the components, see About your Cintiq 22HD. For guidelines on installing the stand, begin to see the Cintiq 22HD stand.

When you yourself have eliminated your Cintiq through the package and they are willing to go with it, complete the next actions to get in touch it to your computer or laptop.

Choose and attach movie cable

Turn your computer off. Determine if your personal computer has an electronic digital (DVI) or analog (VGA) port. In the event your computer has only 1 movie port, unplug your previous monitor or add a video card that is second. For most readily useful outcomes, link the Cintiq to a DVI-D or card that is DVI-I. Proceed with the connection guidelines for the video clip slot.


usually do not link or disconnect the power or video cables while Cintiq or your personal computer are fired up. This could easily harm the display or computer video clip card. Just use energy adapter specified to be used together with your Cintiq. Usage of a power that is improper may harm the Cintiq.

DVD-D: link the Cintiq movie cable DVI-D connector to either a DVI-D or even A dvi-i card.

VGA: For VGA procedure, you will desire a Wacom accessory DVI-I to VGA cable. See Ordering components and add-ons.

Get rid of the DVI-D cable through the Cintiq and change it with a DVI-I to VGA adapter cable. See cable reduction and replacement. Link the adapter cable between your Cintiq plus the movie card.

You will need an appropriate active adapter cable if you are connecting to a Mac Mini DisplayPort. Consult with your neighborhood merchant or an outlet that is online choose the cable.

Link the adapter involving the DVI-D end for the Cintiq movie cable along with your Mac.

Link the Cintiq to your computer

Once you’ve linked the movie cable to your personal computer’s movie card, plug the USB connector into A usb that is available port your personal computer, or for a USB hub attached with your personal computer. Link the energy adapter to Cintiq. See the connection diagram. Connect the adapter power plug and cable into an AC socket. Begin to see the connection diagram. Switch on the Cintiq. The energy LED will glow orange. Switch on your computer or laptop. The Cintiq will install as being a standard monitor. Configure the display control interface settings when it comes to appropriate size and color quality. For most readily useful results, set your Cintiq towards the optimum (native) resolution of 1920×1080. Begin to see the product that is important guide, available through the Wacom Desktop Center, for information about resolution sizes you can use with all the Cintiq. The display size and color quality might be constrained by the abilities of the movie card. For Windows: If you would like utilize the Cintiq as a second display, you may want to allow the Cintiq within the show properties associated with Windows Tablet characteristics. Following the LCD monitor part of the installation is working precisely, stick to the guidelines in setting up the driver.


Cintiq can be utilized alone or with another display, such as for instance a CRT monitor or LCD projector. To utilize Cintiq with another display, you will need two movie cards or a video clip card with twin production. Maybe you are in a position to set up the Cintiq as being a mirrored, extended, or independent display. Whenever using several monitor, the Cintiq will map to the monitors predicated on just just how your body is configured. The Cintiq will map to the entire space on each monitor by default, if you are in mirror mode. See your equipment and operating-system documents for information on configuring one’s body to be used with numerous monitors. A display Toggle function can be acquired for usage with numerous display systems. This enables you to definitely toggle the display cursor between your Cintiq along with your other shows.

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