The honey yield this year is also lower than expected

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The honey yield this year is also lower than expected

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The honey yield this year is also lower than expected. Find out more here.

The young person who was killed in the heavy storm in a makeshift tent camp in Baden-Württemberg was 15 years old. A police spokesman said on Wednesday at the scene of the accident in the border area with Switzerland. He spoke of a tree about 30 meters long that had crashed into the tent. There is one seriously injured and two slightly injured. Previously there had been talk of four injured.

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The group was an association from the Stuttgart area that stayed in an improvised camp on a playground. It is possible that the group went on a hike in the Waldshut district and looked for a place to stay for the night where the hurricane surprised them. That still has to be clarified, said the police spokesman. 

According to the police, there were a total of 17 adolescents between the ages of 13 and 16 and four carers in the holiday camp. Part of the group stayed in the communal tent during the storm, the other in a nearby shelter.

The police corrected the number of injured from four to three compared to the first reports. The injured are therefore a thirteen-year-old boy and two 14-year-olds. One of the two 14-year-olds was injured so badly that he had to be taken to a hospital by helicopter. The rest of the group was reportedly looked after in a building belonging to the community after the accident.

Gusts measured at 110 to 133 kilometers per hour

According to the evidence, the police assume that a storm caused the tree to topple. The emergency services were alerted around 2 a.m. Just then the storm was particularly violent, said a meteorologist from the German Weather Service (DWD). About 14 kilometers away, gale-force gusts with top speeds of 110 kilometers per hour were measured at this time. A little further away, in Switzerland, even gusts of up to 133 kilometers per hour.

Severe storms had been predicted – but the small town was still relatively surprising. “That was short and intense,” said Tobias Ücker, commander of the fire brigade in Rickenbach, on Wednesday morning. “That kind of thing doesn’t happen often with us.”

The highest thunderstorm warning level was declared

The German Weather Service announced the highest thunderstorm warning level for the area on Wednesday morning. According to the information, many trees fell over in the region and partially damaged cars. Houses were damaged by flying tiles. The police initially gave no information about other injured persons.

Warnings of severe thunderstorms had been issued for parts of southern Germany. Here trees in Bavaria bend under the gusts on Tuesday evening. (Source: Karl-Josef Hildenbrand / dpa)

According to information from MeteoGroup, there were severe storms with sometimes gale-force gusts at Lake Constance during the night. Currently there is still a rain area over Bavaria, which brings thunderstorms and heavy rain in areas. Overall, however, the forecasts for severe storms did not come true across Germany.

Even for Wednesday, a few showers and thunderstorms are only expected in Bavaria. In the rest of Germany, the weather is friendly with occasional cloud The temperatures are between 20 degrees on Sylt and 32 degrees on the Upper Rhine.

“Tomorrow, however, the next low-pressure area is already rushing in from the North Sea,” said MeteoGroup’s graduate meteorologist Tanja Kraus-Lamprecht. Then thunderstorms and showers are likely again in the northern half of Germany as well as in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.

Lightning also flashed from the sky near Stuttgart on Tuesday evening. (Source: Christoph Schmidt / dpa)

Since they do not grow very quickly, it is very rare that you need to repot an olive tree. Find out what to watch out for and how you can also propagate an olive tree.

Tree pruning: Everything you need to know about the topic

Photo series with 7 pictures

Repotting the olive tree: providing for old age with soil

You should only repot an olive tree if there is no longer enough space for its roots in the planter. As the trees grow very slowly, you don’t have to do this job too often.

Young olive trees are relatively frugal, after all they are used to barren, loamy soils from their Mediterranean homeland. However, with age, demands and nutritional requirements increase. If you repot your olive tree, you can do it something good and provide a little retirement provision by regularly increasing the amount of nutrient-rich garden soil. However, you shouldn’t mean it too well and make sure you have enough sand when you repot your olive tree. So keep the soil well drained.

Propagating the Olive Tree: A Complicated Endeavor

Propagating olive trees is relatively complicated. So don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work right away. It is always worth trying to plant some dried olives or seedlings that you often find under olive trees on holiday in Mediterranean countries. In order to propagate an olive tree via seedlings, you should dig them up with as much soil as possible.

When you return from vacation, place the seedlings in small pots if possible. You should not give the seedlings any additional soil or fertilizer. Both are counterproductive when multiplying olive trees because they inhibit the healthy development of the roots. Just find a very sunny place for your offspring and only water it occasionally.

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An alternative way to propagate an olive tree is to use cuttings. To do this, cut off half-woody shoots and place them in a water glass. You have to be warm. Now you need patience, because roots may take several months to form from the cuttings.

Nuremberg (AP) – The number of German Shepherd puppies in Germany is falling. According to data from the Association for the German Canine Industry, 10,200 German Shepherds were born and registered in this country in 2016.

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Ten years earlier there were 16,900 puppies. Compared to 2002, the number of puppies has almost halved. Nevertheless, the German Shepherd is by far the most popular dog breed in Germany.

Dachshunds follow in second place with almost 6000 puppies, followed by German Wirehaired Pointer with almost 3000 young animals. Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are becoming more popular, taking fourth and fifth place.

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Roswitha Dannenberg from the Association for German Shepherd Dogs said: “Many people are now switching to smaller dog breeds. In cities, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep large dogs.” Shepherds also needed something to do.

In the meantime, many people also wanted a pedigree dog as cheaply as possible and got them from sometimes illegal traders from abroad – even if these animals are often too young to be separated from their mothers and are often sick.

The most beautiful shepherd dogs from recognized breeders will be sought from Thursday (September 6th) at the “World Championships” in Nuremberg: Almost 1,600 four-legged friends from more than 50 countries will be presented by their owners and judged by breeding judges by Sunday.

First the heat, then the thunderstorm: violent thunderstorms raged over the west and south of Germany until Wednesday evening. Streets were flooded, lightning strikes caused fires, and a music festival was canceled. In Dortmund, a woman was killed by a falling tree. 

Weather forecast for Thursday – low “Zlatan” brings showers and thunderstorms

Weather forecast for Thursday

Deep “Zlatan” brings showers and thunderstorms

The west and southwest were particularly hard hit on Wednesday. Video

The 51-year-old woman died of her injuries in hospital after the tree fell on her in the garden on Wednesday afternoon. In Mönchengladbach, a cyclist was also seriously injured by a tree that broke off in the storm. In Dortmund, the fire brigade had to move out to a number of full cellars and fallen trees.

The storm front hit the Rhineland particularly badly: Many underpasses and streets are under water, said a spokesman for the fire department in Cologne. Numerous cars broke down. In an underground car park, the water was 1.50 meters high. In the main train station, water ran into parts of the station hall, and a subway station was also full. In the evening the situation calmed down again.

Flights and trains canceled

Flight operations at Cologne / Bonn Airport were interrupted for 90 minutes. A total of 15 flights took off late and landings were delayed on 14 flights. A flight to Munich was canceled. On the railway line from Bonn in the direction of Koblenz, a tree fell on the overhead line. The result was train cancellations and delays.

The Düsseldorf Rheinkirmes, which is one of the four largest public festivals in Germany, was interrupted for about two hours after a storm warning. The fair grounds were reopened at around 5.45 p.m.

A music festival in a castle ruin near Lake Constance also got off to a bad start. Thousands of visitors were evacuated there. A concert by the Scottish singer Amy MacDonald was planned for the evening. But wind and rain were so intense that the 3200 or so visitors had to leave the site shortly before the start. There were no injuries or damage, said a police spokesman. 

Thunderstorms swept over parts of Hesse late on Wednesday afternoon. In Central Hesse, trees fell on the roadways. On the Autobahn 45, the water was up to ten centimeters high, said a police spokesman in the evening in Gießen.

Men push a car out of the water of a flooded street in Cologne. (Source: dpa)

During the night the thunderstorms swept over Lower Saxony. Several fires started after lightning strikes, as the police and fire brigade announced on Thursday morning. In the district of Göttingen, a fire destroyed a barn with agricultural machinery. The roof of a farm near Osnabrück went up in flames. According to the police’s initial findings, no one was injured.

More thunderstorms threaten in the coming days

The thunderstorm had moved from Belgium in a northeasterly direction over North Rhine-Westphalia. In the evening and at night, the front reached eastern Germany, clearly weakened. In some places, heavy showers and thunderstorms with squalls and heavy rain of up to 40 liters per square meter are possible. A cyclist torments his way through a flooded street in Cologne. (Source: Federico Gambarini / dpa) In parts of Cologne there was no getting through because of flooded streets. (Source: Marius Becker / dpa)

A new thunderstorm front is already approaching in the Rhineland, causing thunderstorms accompanied by heavy rain and hail throughout Germany throughout the day. There is a local threat of gusts of 100 km / h and more.

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On Friday the situation calmed down in the center and in the north. In the south, however, warm, humid air creates new storms during the day. On Saturday, thunderstorms threatened with heavy showers in large parts of the country. Sunday is getting friendlier again, especially in the south.