In Stuttgart there was a serious accident with a car and a light rail on Sunday

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In Stuttgart there was a serious accident with a car and a light rail on Sunday

Violence in partnerships affects 82 percent women, compared to 104,290 female victims last year. But men were also affected 23,167 times. In total, i.e. adding up violence against men and women, a good 127,000 such cases were recorded in 2015, and the number has increased by 5.5 percent since 2012.

Schwesig said: “We need these numbers because they help to make domestic violence visible.” Above all, preventive measures are necessary. “Domestic violence against women, against men, against children is not a private matter. It is a criminal offense – and it must be prosecuted accordingly,” said Schwesig. But two thirds of all women who experienced severe violence did not seek help.

BKA boss Holger Münch spoke of a “not inconsiderable dark field”. Victims of domestic violence often feel that their situation is hopeless, so they do not make themselves known. “Silence is useful to the perpetrators,” said Münch. Conflicts arise, especially when they break up. According to the BKA figures, the largest group of perpetrators are former partners.

The minister and the boss of the BKA advertised the helpline “Violence against women” with the number 08000 116 016. Those affected are offered 24-hour counseling, free of charge, anonymously and in 15 languages.

Schwesig also campaigned for more women’s shelters in rural regions. “I’m in talks with all the state ministers, because things go very differently,” said the SPD politician in the ZDF “Morgenmagazin”. As Federal Minister, however, she could not close the gaps in the country herself. “The cities and the states are responsible for this task.”

It was THE teen comedy of the nineties: With “Clueless – what else!” Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd celebrated their breakthrough in Hollywood. So the stars have changed since then.

“Clueless”: This is what the stars of the cult film look like today

Photo series with 8 pictures

Hardly any teen comedy in the mid-1990s was as enthusiastic as “Clueless”. Millions of people around the world have been fascinated by the naive blonde Cher and the world of the beautiful and rich teenagers of Beverly Hills. 

Photo show: This is what the “Clueless” stars look like today

 Cher herself was primarily interested in fashion, but also the well-being of those around her. She gives her friend Tai a new look, helped her teachers to love. Then Cher suddenly fell in love with herself – with her stepbrother Josh.

The stars from “Clueless”: In 1995 the cult film came to the cinemas. (Source: imago images) Josh was played by Paul Rudd. The actor was 26 years old at the time and was still at the beginning of his career. After “Clueless” things went uphill for the young man from New Jersey. He shot with stars like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba and Michelle Pfeiffer.write about community Role offers for films such as “Night at the Museum” or “The First Time” followed. 

Paul Rudd: He is celebrating his 50th birthday today. (Source: imago images)

In 2015 Paul Rudd reached the next milestone in his career. Four years ago he made his debut as the new movie comic hero “Ant-Man” – a likeable loser and laid-back superhero at the same time, who still has superpowers even in the size of an ants. The action flick grossed more than $ 500 million at the time. 

“Black Forest Clinic”: This is how the stars look today Cult presenter of the nineties: Hans Meiser has changed so much “Alf” star Andrea Elson: That’s what serial daughter Lynn Tanner does today

 24 years have now passed since “Clueless”. It’s hard to believe that Paul Rudd is celebrating his 50th birthday today. And what happened to the other actors in the cult film? Click through our photo show. We’ll tell you.

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Car gone, money gone: ignorantly, a couple from Rinteln in the Schaumburg district bought a stolen car – and immediately lost it. The 49-year-old and his 45-year-old wife bought a used car for 19,000 euros in Monheim, North Rhine-Westphalia, the police said on Friday. The seller gave them the registration certificates and an original key, a sales contract was signed and the cash was handed over.

A day later, the two wanted to register the car in Rinteln. An employee of the registration office noticed that the vehicle identification number was on file – the car had been reported as stolen in the Netherlands. The police then determined that the address given by the seller did not exist and the number plate attached to the vehicle did not exist. The police confiscated the car.

According to the organizers, the campaign in Rinteln to be able to shop with the D-Mark again was well received by customers. There has been positive feedback from many businesses, said a spokeswoman for the city marketing association Pro Rinteln, which organized the campaign. Exact figures on how much D-Mark was paid will only be available in the coming days.

Almost 30 shops and restaurants in the 30,000-inhabitant town in the Weser Uplands took part in the campaign. Goods and services could be paid for with D-Mark at a rate of 2: 1.

The initiative of the retail trade should be seen with the aim of making the city center more attractive, said Mayor Thomas Priemer (SPD). Like other smaller cities, Rinteln has the problem that shops are empty in the center. In previous campaigns in previous years, D-Mark sums in the five-digit range were achieved in Rinteln.

Although the D-Mark was replaced by the euro as the official means of payment almost 20 years ago, many people still have D-Mark coins and bills in their homes, said the spokeswoman for the city marketing association. It cannot be ruled out that the action in Rinteln could be repeated again.

This week, customers of many shops in Rinteln can pay for their purchases not only with euros but also with D-Marks. Although it was almost 20 years ago that the euro was introduced, many people still have Deutschmarks in their homes, said Christiane Hoffmann from the city marketing association “Pro Rinteln”.

People should have the opportunity to use the notes and coins again as a means of payment. “Also want to revive the city center with the action,” said Hoffmann. Almost 30 shops and restaurants in the city of 30,000 in the Weser Uplands take part in the campaign. What costs one euro can now be had for two D-Marks.

A 78-year-old woman was seriously injured when her car collided with a light rail. Apparently she ignored a red light.

In Stuttgart there was a serious accident with a car and a light rail on Sunday. According to the Stuttgart police, a 78-year-old drove into a roundabout when there was a red light, so that there was an accident with the U12 train, in which there were no passengers.

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The 78-year-old was brought to a clinic in an ambulance, her passenger and the tram driver were unharmed. The property damage is approximately 25,000 euros.

Sources used: dpa news agency

First he is said to have molested a young woman on the train and then exposed himself to her. The Stuttgart police have provisionally arrested a suspected exhibitionist. 

In Stuttgart, the police temporarily arrested a 28-year-old man late on Thursday evening because he is suspected of having exposed himself in front of a young woman. As the police announced, the suspect and his 24-year-old alleged victim are said to have boarded a tram at the main train station shortly before midnight. Although the train was almost empty, he sat down across from the woman and kissed her in the air. 

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The young woman got off the train at the Züricher Straße stop, and the 28-year-old followed her. When he spoke to her on Sparrhärmlingweg, he then pulled his pants down so that his member could be seen, it said. The woman secretly dialed the emergency number and was able to hold the 28-year-old until the police arrived and temporarily arrested the man. However, after the police measures were completed, he was released again. 

Sources used: Police Stuttgart: Communication from June 12th

An 80-year-old pedelec rider was killed in the collision with a 99-year-old car in the Schaumburg district. As the police announced on Friday, the electric bike was hit by the car early Thursday evening in Rinteln when the 80-year-old wanted to cross a street with it on a narrow lane. The man died at the scene of the accident. According to a police spokesman, the 99-year-old driver cannot be blamed for the first investigation. There is currently nothing to suggest that the man could have violated the traffic regulations in any way.

Two young men rolled over several times in a car near Möllenbeck (Mecklenburg Lake District) and suffered serious injuries. The 21-year-old driver came off the road with his car on Friday afternoon and hit a tree, the police said. The car then overturned several times, both men were trapped and had to be freed by the fire department. The driver was taken to hospital seriously injured and his 17-year-old passenger was flown to hospital with serious injuries. According to an initial medical assessment, there is no danger to life, it said. How the accident could have happened was initially unclear.

Visitors can once again let their gaze wander over the Weser valley from the viewpoint “Millennium View” near Rinteln. The platform and the hiking park have been open since May, said owner Jörg Hellwig. The beer garden is also open to visitors. The opening of the observation tower and park was delayed this year by the corona pandemic.

The “Millennium View” is on the site of the former amusement park Erlebniswelt Steinzeichen. The approximately 16 hectare park was created for the World Exhibition Expo 2000 in Hanover on the edge of a quarry. In 2016, the amusement park filed for bankruptcy.

According to Hellwig, he also wanted to offer so-called escape games on the extensive site. However, the dates provided for this have been canceled due to the corona pandemic. When the games will be possible again is still open.

A tank truck driver in Rinteln (Schaumburg district) suffered a serious mishap. The man had mistaken a filler neck and accidentally pumped around 1200 liters of heating oil into the cellar of a neighboring house instead of the intended tank, the police said on Thursday. Because the oil tank behind the filler neck had long since been dismantled because the heating was switched to gas, the heating oil flowed into the empty cellar and from there into the sewer system. The fire brigade and a sewage company were able to collect it there. The affected house is initially uninhabitable because of the gas emissions from the oil. The driver is being determined.

A child tore itself away from its parents on the sidewalk in Rinteln (Schaumburg district), ran onto the road and was critically injured in an accident. The police said it hit a car on the street and the child fell. It was brought to a clinic by rescue helicopter on Wednesday afternoon. An expert was called in to investigate the cause of the accident.

A 50-year-old found a bulging wallet on a street in Rinteln (district of Schaumburg) on ​​Thursday afternoon and handed it over to the guard. As the police announced, there were almost 900 euros in the wallet. Because an identity card was in the wallet, the owner was quickly found and got his wallet back. Why he was carrying so much money with him was initially unclear.

In a traffic accident in Rinteln in the Schaumburg district, a car caught fire early on Friday morning. The 18-year-old driver and his 16 and 17-year-old passengers could have freed themselves from the burning car, the police said. The 18-year-old came to the hospital, one of the passengers was only slightly injured. The car was reportedly heading towards the city center when the young man drove straight ahead in a right turn and rammed a tree. The police assume that excessive speed was the cause of the accident. The fire brigade put out the burning car.

What at first looked like a traffic accident at too high a speed has taken a dramatic turn: Shortly before the frenzied drive through downtown Rinteln in the Schaumburg district, a 23-year-old apparently attacked his girlfriend. While the trapped and seriously injured man was freed from the wrecked car, he sent the rescue workers to his home address, a police spokesman said on Thursday. A critically injured 22-year-old was found there on Wednesday evening – the investigators are currently assuming stab wounds. The “Schaumburger Nachrichten” had previously reported.

The young woman came to a clinic by ambulance. The 23-year-old was taken to another hospital in a rescue helicopter, the spokesman said. A small investigation team has been working on the case since Thursday morning, the background is still completely unclear. One possible motive, however, is an act of relationship: The “social near field” is one of the main objectives of the investigators.

After the attack on the young woman, the 23-year-old raced through downtown Rinteln in his car. At the entrance to the pedestrian zone he crashed head-on into the facade of a shop. In the accident, the front of the small car was torn off.

Because of police investigations into several accidents on the Berlin city ring road, the lane in the direction of Neukölln has been closed again. The state security determined.

After the series of accidents that a man caused on the city freeway in Berlin on Tuesday evening, the freeway was closed again on Wednesday morning. There are far-reaching disabilities in rush hour traffic.

This tweeted the traffic information center (VIZ). Accordingly, there is a loss of more than 30 minutes in rush hour traffic between Kreuz Schöneberg and Alboinstraße. The closure of the Britz tunnel in the direction of Wedding has now been lifted.